• We Stand Against Sexual Harassment

    We Stand Against Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment in the workplace can be intimidating, terrifying, and confusing. You do not expect to have these types of problems at work and you just do not know where to turn to get answers. We are a team of experienced sexual harassment lawyers who understand what you are going through and want to help.

We Understand Your Rights

As a victim of sexual harassment, you have the law on your side. We understand that it can be difficult to see yourself as a victim because of the emotional implications that are involved. But we are professional sexual harassment lawyers who can give you advice on how to come to grips with your situation and how to do what is right for you.

We will preserve those rights for you. You have the right to claim sexual harassment in the workplace and you have the right to file a claim against your employer without fear of reprisals. Our experts have years of experience in helping with these types of situations and we know exactly what to do to make sure your voice is heard and the people who are making your work environment unsafe are punished.

It Can Happen in Any Environment

Sexual harassment can come in many forms. It can be a situation where you are denied equal rights based on your gender, or it can be a situation where you are getting unwanted advances from co-workers that your company does nothing about. The one thing we want you to understand is that you are not alone. Unfortunately, good people reach out to their human resources department for help every day and are denied that help. That is where we step in to make sure your voice is heard.

As sexual harassment lawyers, our goal is to make sure your company does hear your complaint and takes it seriously. We remind you that sexual harassment may be both a criminal and civil issue and that means that you can file charges as well as choosing to recoup financial losses in civil court. As full-service sexual harassment lawyers, we are able to accommodate a variety of situations.

Compassionate Service

But there is more to being good sexual harassment lawyers than just filing paperwork and helping you to see your claim through to the end. There is a human side to this crime that we are all too familiar with. We understand how sexual harassment can make you feel violated, alone, and isolated. You don’t need to feel that way.

Our sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you. We are compassionate professionals who want to help our clients to develop the strength needed to face their abusers and fight for their rights. We can offer plenty of advice and information on how you can get the help you need to regain your confidence and understand that what has happened is not your fault.

The Many Faces of Sexual Harassment

To most people, sexual assault in the workplace occurs when a male imposes himself on a female in the office. While that is a common situation, there are many other faces to sexual assault that our sexual assault attorneys are prepared to handle for you.

Request for Sex

Along with the common male on female harassment, sexual harassment can be female on male or same sex. The situations are the same and the laws are the same as well. If a co-worker is making you feel uncomfortable in the workplace because of unwanted sexual advances, then that is harassment and that is something you should not tolerate. Learn More

Sexual Advances

When a supervisor tells a subordinate that the subordinate needs to perform sexual acts to get a promotion, then that is sexual assault. Many people are afraid to report supervisors or managers for sexual harassment because they feel it could ruin their careers. The truth is that tolerating an environment that encourages such an activity is not the kind of place you want to advance your career in the first place. Learn More

Sexual Bribery

Any type of harassment that comes about because of your sexual orientation is just as illegal as unwanted physical contact. If your workplace is becoming uncomfortable because co-workers are constantly making comments about your orientation, then our sexual harassment lawyers can help you to get your dignity back and be proud of who you are. Learn More

Sexual Coercion

Sexual coercion can be the act of someone constantly berating you with sexual comments to a co-worker holding you down and demanding sex. No one should have to work in that kind of environment, and we can help you get the justice you deserve. Learn More

Sexual Intimidation

In the workplace, it is illegal for supervisors or co-workers to attempt to intimidate anyone into sex. This makes for a very uncomfortable work environment and that is something no one should have to tolerate. Learn More

What is My First Step?

You have been tolerating sexual harassment for years, it has prevented you from advancing your career, and now you may be getting to the point where you are afraid to even go to work anymore. No one should have to put up with those conditions, but most people have no idea where to turn.

Your first attempt to right the situation start with a meeting with your manager and human resources. While this appears to be a good idea, you should be warned that some companies may ignore these situations in the hopes that they will go away. The manager might talk to your attacker in the hopes they will stop and the whole thing will just disappear, but your manager may not. Meanwhile, your career and emotional health are still suffering.

Your next move should be to talk to one of our sexual harassment lawyers. You cannot be fired for claiming sexual harassment and your company must take action if you file a report with specific information. We will make sure that your voice is heard and that you can get your career and life back on track.

Act Now

Waiting to take action on sexual harassment can have many negative effects. Your career gets stalled, your self-confidence is damaged, and your problems with work start to interfere with your personal life. Over time, you might even convince yourself that the unwanted advances and comments you get at work are normal and that is just the way it is.

Act now – stand up for yourself. Contact one of our sexual harassment lawyers today and let us give you all of your options and, if necessary, let us be the ones who bring you the justice you need to move forward with your life.

Defining and Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment

Determining whether sexual harassment has occurred in the workplace depends on several factors. Generally speaking, any kind of sexually suggestive comments or actions are considered harassment if they are unwanted and uninvited. If you are uncertain about whether your situation is harassment, a sexual harassment lawyer can review your case and help you determine if you are a victim.

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Who Could be Liable for Sexual Assault in a Civil Case?

Sexual assault is the type of crime that offers more than one way to punish and deter an aggressor. The victim of a sexual assault has options when it comes to punishing their attacker and taking steps to prevent the attacker from hurting anyone else in the future. It is important for a sexual assault victim to hire an experienced and compassionate lawyer who understands how to utilize the legal system to the victim’s advantage.

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Recommendations for Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment

The seriousness of sexual harassment in the modern workplace cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that at least 25 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. It has also been established that the number of men experiencing workplace sexual harassment is on the rise as well. Sexual harassment at work affects both employees and employers. For instance, it can be detrimental to the employee’s financial, mental, and physical well-being. On the other hand, sexual harassment can cost employers in terms of legal costs and reduced productivity. Below are some recommendations that you can count on to address workplace sexual harassment.

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