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If you are a victim of sexual harassment in your Albany area workplace, then consider a resource you can rely on for experienced advice and an understanding of your options. Our team has experience fighting for sexual harassment victims, and understand the compassionate approach needed to help victims get the justice they deserve. When looking for a top sexual harassment lawyers in your area, consider us. We can offer you resources and help you find justice.

Sexual Harassment And The Albany Worker

There was a time when sexual harassment was considered to be just a part of Albany area corporate and political life. Victims were sometimes told that they should just move on with their lives, which empowered aggressors to continue to find more targets. But in recent years, the real damage done by sexual harassment has gained a great deal of respect and now there is change in the business culture.

Today, the Albany area worker has options to fight back against sexual harassment. Not only does every business have a sexual harassment policy, but workers are protected by state and federal laws when they utilize those policies. For example, your company cannot punish you with a demotion or firing if you report a sexual harassment event.

As promising as this all sounds, workers still need to educate themselves on identifying sexual harassment and understanding how to report it. It is also extremely important that workers understand that they have the right to seek out legal counsel if they feel that their attempts to report sexual harassment are being ignored.

Protecting The Worker

There are state and federal human rights laws in place that protect workers who make sexual harassment claims. For example, a company is required to investigate any sexual harassment claim filed by a worker. As we mentioned, workers cannot be punished for filing reports, but at the same time companies are allowed to render their own decisions after investigations.

An Albany area worker has the right to seek guidance from sexual harassment lawyers when it comes to handling their cases. A sexual harassment event can be emotionally and psychologically difficult for a victim. In some cases, victims simply do not know what to do or where to turn. That is why it is a good idea to lean on experienced sexual harassment lawyers in those types of situations.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs when an aggressor uses sexually-charged language or tries to get sexual favors from a victim without the victim’s consent. For example, when a supervisor tries to convince a subordinate that they should exchange sexual favors for a raise in pay, then that is referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment comes in a variety of forms and normally occurs between supervisors and subordinates. However, it is possible for co-workers to commit sexual harassment against each other in instances such as unwanted sexual advances or trying to trick a co-worker into thinking that a sexual favor is an expected part of the corporate culture.

The Damage It Does

Sexual harassment lawyers who see many victims throughout their careers can attest to the physical, emotional, and psychological damage this type of abuse can create. An Albany area worker who is subjected to sexual harassment can start to feel stress and anxiety that will manifest itself in many different ways.

At work, the effects of harassment can lead to a drop in productivity and the potential threat of losing their job. Victims may no longer engage with co-workers in social settings, and in many cases victims will stop seeking opportunities for advancement. The real damage occurs when a victim becomes so despondent that not even a change in companies will help the situation.

Workplace sexual harassment can effect home life and may lead to isolation, a breakdown of personal relationships, and a general sense of withdrawing from the public. Medical issues such as eating disorders and heart problems and alcohol abuse are a real possibility, and the problem will only get worse if nothing is done.

So What Can Be Done?

It takes a great deal of courage for a victim of sexual intimidation to speak up on their own behalf. But sometimes it helps to have some emotional support on your side to make the process a little easier. You can always confide in experienced sexual harassment lawyers who can offer resources and advice. You could discuss your situation with a friend or family member that you trust and have them be your emotional support.

Prior to filing your report, you should write down the incident just as you remember it. You should file one report for each incident, and you should not wait to file as there is a statute of limitations that could run out if you wait too long. You will want to write down and record as many details and conversations as you can remember to give your report the substance it needs to turn into a successful investigation.

If you know there are co-workers who have had problems with the same aggressor, then you should try to get witness statements to include in your report. There is always strength in numbers, and you may find that supporting each other is very helpful at this moment.

When you have your information in hand, you should let your supervisor know that you intend to file a sexual harassment report. Your supervisor must then help you through the process and assist you in getting a completed report to the human resources department. Your company will then initiate an investigation and will get back to you with the results.

Reinforcing Your Resolve

If you are not satisfied with the results of your company’s investigation or you feel you have been punished because you filed your report, consider turning to a sexual harassment lawyer in your area. When you allow an Albany company to ignore sexual harassment charges, then you are helping to empower those aggressors. When you stand your ground, you are doing your part to prevent future victims, while getting some much needed closure for yourself.

Choosing Your Lawyer

When you are trying to choose among the different Albany sexual harassment lawyers, consider looking for three main attributes. Your attorney should be compassionate, experienced, and available to you.

A compassionate attorney understands that you have suffered a traumatic event and that recollecting that event may be painful at times. A good attorney has the ability to get the information needed to move forward with a claim, while still allowing the victim to retain their self-respect.

Finding an experienced attorney in these situations can be critically important. Civil matters can be extremely difficult to litigate, and you want to be sure that the attorney you have chosen knows the process and has been involved in these types of cases before.

The lawyer you choose needs to have a dedicated team that ensures that you get the personal attention you deserve.

Our attorneys and staff are the sexual harassment lawyers Albany victims can turn to during their most difficult times. Our team is there for you. We have the necessary experience to make sure your case is handled properly, and we pride ourselves on our high level of compassion for our clients. Call us at 716-800-8080 or complete a contact form today.

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