Who Could be Liable for Sexual Assault in a Civil Case?

Sexual assault is the type of crime that offers more than one way to punish and deter an aggressor. The victim of a sexual assault has options when it comes to punishing their attacker and taking steps to prevent the attacker from hurting anyone else in the future. It is important for a sexual assault victim to hire an experienced and compassionate lawyer who understands how to utilize the legal system to the victim’s advantage.

A Detailed Journal and Credible Witness Testimony are Critical to Proving Unwanted Sexual Advances

A person experiencing unwanted sexual advances is forced to live life constantly looking over their shoulder and feeling uncomfortable in social situations. While this type of sexual harassment is against the law, reporting it still requires the same sort of evidence you would need to report or prosecute any other legal claim. Without evidence, it can be extremely difficult to get a civil court to take your case seriously.

Is it Sexual Harassment if I ask a Co-worker for a Date?

A 2013 survey from CareerBuilder found that 40% of people have dated a coworker at some point during their employment, and about a third of people married a coworker. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to feel attracted to someone you work with. Nevertheless, what you do about that attraction can potentially get you into hot water.

My Supervisor is Retaliating After I Made a Sexual Harassment Complaint. Now What?

Sexual harassment is like a disease that can permeate a company and cause nothing but problems. Proactive and progressive company owners and executives have become adamant about weeding out sexual harassment offenders in recent years and getting rid of that sort of influence. As hard as most companies are trying to get sexual harassment out of their culture, there are still going to be supervisors and members of the management teams that try to use their power for their own gain. The most powerful weapon a sexual harassment victim can have is knowledge, and that knowledge needs to include victim rights and the process for filing a complaint.

What to do if you are the Victim of a Sexual Assault?

Being the victim of a crime can create a wide range of emotions and responses. At first, the entire experience can seem surreal, including going to the hospital and the police. After a while you need to focus on your recovery and bringing the criminal to justice. If you are ever the victim of a sexual assault, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and to prevent anyone else from getting assaulted in the future.

Can Men Be Victims of Sexual Harassment?

When the topic of sexual harassment is discussed, most people picture a woman being touched without consent or the subject of sexual jokes. In fact, these types of situations are exactly what are described in sexual harassment seminars, with the victims of such behavior encouraged to seek out help. However, men may also be victims of sexual harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that in 2013, 15% of reports of sexual harassment came from men. The number is expected to be much larger, but many men are afraid or unaware that they can speak up.

Should I Ignore My Co-Worker’s Inappropriate Comments?

It seems as if every workplace has ‘that’ employee, the one that makes crude jokes or has a habit of saying things that catch you off-guard. In the modern-day workplace, this behavior is unacceptable. Though confronting the issue may be unpleasant, no one need any longer to be forced to tolerate this behavior. Looking the other way will do nothing more than ensure you have to continue to work in a toxic work environment. Here is what you should do instead.

Why Don’t Victims of Sexual Harassment Come Forward Sooner?

Over the more recent years, the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace has moved into a spotlight of its own. Victims are starting to come forward with stories of how they were disrespected and mistreated because of someone else’s need for a feeling of sexual superiority. Victim shaming is a common defense, especially when the number of victims reaches a point that seems hard for people to accept. Another element of victim shaming revolves around how long it can take some victims to come forward. This can raise the question of why victims do not come forward sooner and seek help from the authorities immediately. This issue is easier to deal with more easily now that statutes of limitations have been eased and other types of abuse have been exposed.


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