If I am Uncomfortable With Someone’s Sexual Conduct Toward Me, What Should I Do?

Many people report feeling uncomfortable with the way someone at work interacts with them, but they often let it go because they do not know how to respond. Much like the stories of ‘grabby Uncle Ned,’ many people ignore inappropriate sexual conduct because they don’t want to cause a confrontation. However, there are laws that protect you in the workplace, at school, or in other public settings. It is not your fault or your responsibility. You should report inappropriate behavior to a superior, period!

Many Localities Enforce Laws Protecting Individuals from Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

The enforcement of human rights laws can get a little confusing if you are not sure what you are doing. While there are many important human rights laws at both the federal level and state level. In order to take advantage of the tools in place that protect a worker’s civil rights in the workplace, it is helpful if workers understand the basic process for filing a sexual harassment claim.

What is Sexual Intimidation?

Interpersonal relationships are difficult to manage and especially so when each side has a different idea as to what the relationship should be. In an office setting, there are a variety of personality types, all trying to co-exist and be productive. Some of those personality types are not sensitive to subjects such as gender equality and sexual harassment, and that can create situations of sexual intimidation.

I have been Subjected to Unwanted Touching and Coerced Physical Confinement and Sex Acts. Should I contact the Police?

In the world of sexual harassment, the terms used can often be misinterpreted by the general public. For example, most people probably understand what unwanted touching is and how it could be a minimal act and still be illegal, but some people do not realize that coerced physical confinement can also be a subtle act. You could be experiencing coerced physical confinement if you are being forced to sit on a couch in a crowded room against your will. The more people know about sexual harassment, the easier it becomes to understand how to protect themselves.

Can I be Fired if I Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

The workplace is an important environment where you spend a great deal of time and work hard for your own future and the future of your family. Someone committing sexual harassment in the workplace can create a toxic work environment in which no one wants to be a part. Still, can you be fired if you report sexual harassment against yourself or a co-worker in the workplace?

What are Common Types of Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is an emotional topic, but it is important that victims are able to get the information they need to understand their situation better. One of the first questions victims ask is whether or not their incident actually constituted to sexual assault. It is a common question that requires a compassionate but reliable answer. To aid victims in understanding sexual assault, here is a list of the most common types of assault committed.

Should any Unwanted Sexual Advances be Documented?

While it is assumed that everyone wants to work together to help the company find success, some people are more interested in their own personal desires than the needs of the company. Aggressors who make unwanted sexual advances during work hours are not only damaging the company’s workplace harmony, but they are also significantly harming their victims.

I Rejected My Supervisor’s Sexual Advances and Got Fired. What Should I Do?

A worker should be able to do their job and build their career without having to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. When a member of the management team is the one who is making unwanted sexual advances or innuendos, then that can create a toxic work environment. If you got fired because you rejected your supervisor’s sexual advances, then you should exercise your civil rights.

My Co-Workers Joke That My Job is for Those of the Opposite Sex. Is this Considered Sexual Harassment?

Over the past few years, society has attempted to become more accepting of people and their choices. During this reform, there have been many human rights laws passed that protect people from various forms of harassment and discrimination. In the workplace, there are many forms of sexual harassment that are considered unacceptable. Your company has policies that outline what an employee experiencing harassment should do, and that includes people experiencing sexual intimidation.

Is an Employer Liable for Sexual Harassment By One of Its Employees?

If the harasser is a co-employee, then the organization is only responsible for the things it know. An organization will not be penalized for not acting on something that it had no idea what was occurring.

At the same time, there are many different levels of awareness that can often get a company in trouble. For example, if the harasser is a boss or supervisor, the company is “deemed” to be on notice and can be liable even if it is the first time.


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